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A step forward for Life Foundation regarding the conditions of how to visit the prisoner

. Initially if the prisoner’s family does not know the prison that detains the prisoner, the following must be followed

The prisoner’s family shall submit a written request to the Information Office at the headquarters of the General Department of the Prisons Department, located on Al Galaa Street, Ramses, Cairo. The following conditions apply The applicant must be from the first or second degree relatives of the prisoner or the spouse  ,

The lawyer that is a representative for the prisoners

There are two types of visits: (Regular – Special) each one has its own conditions and procedures

Regular visit

The prisoner’s family shall go directly to the prison and express their desire to visit the prisoner, they will not be required to any financial fees… The one responsible shall notify the visitor of the approval of the procedure then the regular visit shall carry out as follows:

  • Once a month for those sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • Once every three weeks, for convicted men to imprisonment or imprisonment with work.
  • Every three weeks for convicted women regardless of the sentence.
  • Once a week to for convicts with simple imprisonment and detention in reserve on any day of the week except Fridays and public holidays.
  • Though they are not allowed the regular visit during the period of the health examination or during the time of solitary confinement an implementation of a penalty or waiting for the separation of charges against them.

The period of normal visitation for the categories of prisoners in custody or in detention without a judicial decision shall begin after 10 days from the date of their imprisonment, in accordance with the provisions of Article (46) of the internal rules of prisons for the period of the health examination for the first visit to these categories shall commence on the eleventh day.

Special visit

The General Attorney or the General Notary and the General Director of Prisons may authorize the prisoner’s relatives to visit on days other than the regular visit dates if necessary.

  • Each prisoner shall be entitled to a special visit once a month regardless of the sentence. The special visit shall not be awarded to some categories of convicts in certain crimes that harm the national security whether it’s from abroad, inside or other categories unless it’s permitted by written permission from the Presidency of the Sector after consulting the legal authorities.
  • The visitor will complete the application for the special visit and submit it to the prison administration after paying the legally prescribed fees.
  • The prison director may allow prisoners in one prison to visit some of them within the limits set for the normal visit. The visit shall take place at the office of the assistant and his presence is required. A male prisoner may not be allowed to visit a female prisoner unless they are married or a family member and these visits are carried out in the presence of a prison assistant with the prisoner, and the Director General of Prisons allows that prisoners may be allowed to visit their relatives who are in another prison if the need arises (article 75) of the internal regulations of the prison law.
  • The lawyer of the prisoner is authorized to interview him on condition that he obtains written permission from the Public Prosecution and from the investigating judge in the cases that he is required to investigate, whether at the invitation of the prisoner or at the request of the lawyer.

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