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Life Foundation DSC_0147-660x330-1 A report on Life Foundation’s workshop to create a referral system of health services and social protection.

A report on Life Foundation’s workshop to create a referral system of health services and social protection.

Life foundation has held a workshop in Doom Marina in Ain Sokhna in the period from 24 to 26 November 2017 entitled “create a referral system of health services and social protection”.

The workshop aimed at the following:

  • Overview the strategy of female releases’ shelter provided by LFDCI.
  • Overview operational guide of female releases’ shelter and lay the foundations for participation all stakeholders as:
    • Fund for the combating and treatment of addition.
    • Egyptian AIDS Society Association to combating HIV/AIDS.
    • National council for Childhood and Motherhood (NCCM).
    • Ministry of social solidarity.
    • Directorates of Social Solidarity in target governorates (El-Sharqia-Alexandria).
    • Alshehab Institution for Promotion and Comprehensive Development.
  • the following had been discussed during the period of workshop by workshops, presentations, participants’ lectures and roundtables:
    • Life foundation and “start a life” project with Drosos Foundation.
    • Services of ministry of social solidarity.
    • Establish a referral system for addicts.
    • Establish a referral system for HIV/AIDS.
    • Establish a referral system for battered women (ministry of social solidarity).
    • Draw on the expertise of Alshehab Institution and NCCM in managing girls at risk’s shelter to develop the strategy of operating plan of life’s shelter.
    • Monitoring the services of all participants in workshop.
    • Protection services of violence against women and girls – coordination with women’s sectors in ministry and governorates.

The first day:

Registration of participants and recognize them.

Promotion of the foundation and its activities and the project “Towards rehabilitation and community integration of prisoners with a focus on female prisoners.

  • The purpose of workshop is to develop a strategy of women’s shelter for female releases; and make benefits of participants’ experience.
  • Distribute a set of cases’ products within sewing workshop within the event of international day for elimination of violence against women (Campaign 16 days leave no one behind).
  • A presentation on “psychological program for rehabilitation and integration unit” presented by the psychologist Waleed Eldamaty.
    • He started the presentation with introducing ministry of social solidarity and its relevant role in society.
    • then he spoke on the statistics which conducted by the ministry and directorates of social solidarity in governorates to knowledge of the marginalized groups’ problems.
    • And he spoke on the services which provides to those groups and conditions that need to be in place for such services and types of services which provided to women especially female heads of households. And Also he spoke on the importance of cooperation with civil community and the importance of adding new groups to target groups of ministry of social solidarity’s services (female release) and that’s what actually happe8ned based on the memorandum submitted by LFDCI to ministry of social solidarity.


Sustainable Services provided by the ministry, including:

community development (productive family project – development local community – technical preparation and guidance – preparation of productive families centres – vocational training centres)

Ministry of social solidarity services which provided to women (projects of women development – centres of hosting and guide women – services centres for women workers).


The second day:

  • Brainstorming of the previous day.

Session of “fund for the combating and treatment of addiction” and its efforts to provide health service and Social protection to addict presented by Dr. Abdulsalaam Sharaf the representative of fund for the combating and the treatment of addiction and head of monitoring and evaluation of impact unit of Fund.

  • Information of fund service.
  • Hotline of fund is (16023).
  • The fund is a lead governmental Foundation provide integrated treatment programmes for addicts and abusers.
  • Fund is ready to partner with any of interested parties relating to Addiction and provide the financial support.
  • Fund has signed many corporations protocols with civil Society organisation.
  • About 150 patients benefited from Fund’s services during last the two years.
  • A collaboration protocol with Naser bank to provide loans to cases.
  • Fund Iain doubling the service and coverage of all places.
  • Fund provides free treatment.
  • Fund is seeking to spread that concept of the addict is not a criminal.
  • Fund uses the experience to make benefits from it.
  • Trying to partner with “For Egyptian Association”.
  • Make the first Egyptian guide to Smoking prevention.
  • Continuous monitoring and corporation with similar centres (psychological support services).
  • Establish community interference Projects.
  • Corporation Wars council of industrial training to establish a project for recovered person.
  • Encourage recovery continuously.
  • Partners are partners in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Recovery certificate from the Fund is equivalent or as a substitute for certificate of police record.
  • Living skills is a main element of reintegration.

The main obstacles:

  • Limited number of civil Society organizations working in the field of treating addiction.
  • Most of judges refuse judicial rehabilitation.
  • implementers of punishment (police).
  • Women don’t want to treatment only in late stage.
  • A bias in favour of female addicts.
  • Stigma and discrimination are the main obstacles which preventing addicts to treatment.
  • Coordination with Life Foundation to conversion to treatment centre for women in Alazazi Hospital in abu hammad el-sharqia which established by fund.

A Breakout session of shehab Foundation which is Participating in workshop presented by the representative of shehab foundation Mr. AbdulRaziq Mohammed AbdulRaziq – programmes manager of shehab foundation.

The purposes of Foundation are to:

  • Accepting the other.
  • Community participation within camps.
  • Form groups of youth to work with women more vulnerable to exploitation and violence “ support and protect the most vulnerable and marginalized women”.
  • What with women with legal issues “as female peddler, women living with HIV/AIDS”.
  • Working to empower them to have ability to coexistence and job creation.
  • Support women who have legal issues.
  • Foundation has two psychological centres for women (nasr city/ Cairo – Alexandria)
  • Coordination with life Foundation on the main framework of corporation.

The obstacles which Centre faced”

  • Surrounding community.
  • The current Funding will end 31/12/2017.

Session “referral services of AIDS cases and addicts” presented by the representative of Egyptian AIDS Society Association to combating HIV/AIDS Prof. Ibrahim Ali kabash professor, faculty of medicine, Tanta University.

Session focused on:

  • The first case of HIV was detective in 1986.
  • detection of cases rise every year in relation to the previous year.
  • Overall of detective cases 8820.
  • Overall of mortality 1341.
  • Number of cases who getting the cytostatic therapy of virus.
  • Modes of transmission are on three (sexual intercourse with infected with AIDS – From mother to child – using tools which are contaminated with the blood of the patien).

Stages of spread of infection are four:

  • The first stage: early infection is a trauma after identify infection and to provide psychological support and health Education.
  • The Second stage clinical trailer from 5 to 10 years to provide health Education for people living with AIDS and help them to live with infection and prevention of transmission the infection to husband or wife and having treatment.
  • The third stage: before AIDS the number of cells become less than the minimum between (200-500) when infection level of patient reach 200 ,he is in the final stage and he need to psychological and social support and infection protection.
  • The fourth stage AIDS in this stage the person with AIDS called a patient but in the three previous stages he called (person living with AIDS) and he need to psychological and social support and provide care service in many ways.

A breakout session of eagle which is participating in workshop presented by the representative of Eagle team Mr. Saad Abdulmoaty – vice head of board of directors.

  • eagle team is volunteering team since 2015 have no legal umbrella.
  • The purpose of team is to protect rights of people who living with HIV/AIDS and integrate them to be positive in Society.
  • Team in working in five governorates and seek to spreading in other governorates.
  • Team provides many services as:

Provide treatment for patients.

Provision of counselling and psychological support for people who living with AIDS.

Provide educational and recreational activities for children who living with AIDS and their families.

Team contributes in holding lectures and awareness seninars.

The third day on:

Difficulties which we could face during working to establish the shelter.

Session on “community violence and ways of rehabilitation of victims” presented by the representative of NNCM dr. Rawya abdulqader – Training advisor of policy of women and child protection.

The following was submitted and discussed with attendances through roundtables:

  • Violence concept.
  • Addressing violence against women.
  • Services which need to be in shelter.
  • Combating human trafficking.

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