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Life Foundation IMG_20170111_132044-660x330 Art Therapy ( my life plan)

Art Therapy ( my life plan)

Planning helps to reach a more mentally balanced life, it guides you to your way of life. When planning is goals, so there is the true meaning of the work that leads to self-upliftment, self-control and enjoyment of life so:

The rehabilitation and Integration unit received Wednesday, 11/1/2017, some of the organization’s cases with the aim of initiating a therapeutic program for my life plan through the “collage”, which relies on cutting and pasting different images on a single panel.

This was the first of its four consecutive sessions and was carried out by Rasha al-Sahili, an art therapy specialist at the foundation.

The meeting responded to the following questions:

What I am and what I want
What is the duty and what is optional
What is yes and what s urgent
Answer the tool why and how
Coverage of all energies and all aspects (spiritual-personal-family-physical-professional-health-social)
Divide goals into short, medium and long term
The session included a sense of emotion and an attempt to cling to good feelings and to overcome and free from feelings of sorrow

This meeting served as a corner stone for future meetings.


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