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“Illuminated dreams”

A pilot-project, cross-disciplinary practice of social sculpture and psycodrama

produce workshops for female ex-prisoners in Egypt. Exchange of art practices between organizations in Egypt and Sweden. Implementation of art and drama workshops, meetings and building of networks. Give the women new channels to express themselves freely in society .

partnership (Swedish and international partner/s)

Art Agents artists have worked in Tirana, Albania since 2007, together with the human rights

organization Refraction Association in order to improve the living conditions and integration into

society for female prisoners after sentence. The collaboration has proved that the art method social

sculpture has been a valuable tool for integration and freedom of speech. The possibility to use artistic

expression provides the ability to work with emotions and in this process reach a greater self-awareness

for the participants. Life Foundation started 2013 in Abu Hammad city, Sharqia Governorate, Egypt for

the rehabilitation and social reintegration of former prisoners. Founded by a former female prisoner and

a group of lawyers and volunteers, the organizations delivers programmes for the rehabilitation of postrelease .

prisoners as well as marginalized groups, with the aim of reducing re-offending and rebuilding

lives. Sociodrama and psychodrama are important treatments. Charlotte Åberg, president and Lott

Alfreds, Pontus Lindvall, artists, ArtAgent will be responsible from Sweden. Nermeen El-Bahtyty,

director, Bassem Samir, actor, script-writer and Haggar Mustfa, art-pedagogue , Life Foundation will be

responsible from Alexandria and Abu Hammad, Egypt. They will invite targeted women, psychologists,

pedagogues, social workers in Alexandria and Abu Hammad, Egypt. The mission for both Sweden and

Egypt partners is to raise awareness among a larger audience in a cross-disciplinary field in art, social

work and human right .

 project result(s) 

The lay-out of a well planned project. To build a foundation for future collaboration.

Target group(s)

Visual artists, Psychologists, Drama pedagogues, ex Female prisoners, their families and wider. Final beneficiaries Female ex-prisoners in Alexandria, Abu Hammad, Al Sharqia Governate .

             Main project  Activities

                 Meetings with all partners, planning the project, sharing knowledge and networking Initiate the      practice of social sculpture, produce art and drama workshops for female ex-prisoners in Egypt .


Schedule “Illuminated dreams”

Monday 25/4 Travel Stockholm-Cairo. Car to the Alexandria apartment.

Tuesday 26/4 Alexandria.

10-14 Presentations Life Foundation and ArtAgent. Planning the bigger co-operation project project. Participants: visual artists, social workers, psychologists, drama pedagogues.

12-14 Lunch break with all the participants14-16 Preparing for the social sculpture workshop and the documentary film.

Wednesday 27/4 Alexandria.

10-12 Social sculpture workshop by ArtAgent. Participants: Female ex-prisoners, (around 20 participants), Documentary filming by Life Foundation.

12-13 Lunch break with all the participants

13-15 Continuation and ending of workshop.

Thursday 28/4 Alexandria

10-12 A psycho-drama conducted by Life Foundation with the women groups, 10 participants in Alexandria. Documentary filming by Life Foundation.

12-13 Lunch break with all the participants

13-15 Continuation and ending of psycho-drama training.

Friday 29/4 Alexandria-Abu Hammed

12-14 Going by car to Abu Hammed. ArtAgent, Life Foundation staff members and drama pedagogues.

15-16 Meetings with the female ex-prisoners, psychologists and social workers in Abu Hammad.

16-17 Planning meetings.

Checking in at the hotel in Cairo.

Sunday 30/4

Travel Stockholm-Cairo.

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