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Life Foundation IMG_2889-660x330 Clay and colouring

Clay and colouring

When I first to saw the clay, I was really glad because I feel that it’s easy and effortless to work with and I don’t have to think too much

It is the imaginary and sometimes verbal interaction through the piece of clay that lends itself to the subject of the “Object Relationship” that allows us interact with and adapt ourselves to continue our life without stumbling as well as to express our emotions as we wish

 Therefore, clay is an appropriate substance to express emotions in different forms and methods

Rasha Al Saheely has conducted an art therapy workshop for some of the frequenting cases to foundation suffering from psychological disorders to achieve the following goals

Improve and strengthen the muscles of the hands and arms and improve the sensory areas, especially since there is a case with an amputation in some fingers of the hand

Developing social skills through participation and cooperation with others

Reduce fear and anxiety of the unknown

Help in achieving emotional balance

Development of imagination and innovation

The workshop also dealt with the formation and colouring together, where the cases used clay in the formation to make medals in different forms and then colouring as well as engraving in them letters and words depending on their imagination and abilities

The workshop achieved its objectives and resulted in

Stimulated calm feelings, because applying pressure on the clay produced a soothing effect,  as well as feeling comfortable in expressing themselves in different ways

Help use imagination and innovation as well as enhancing their cognitive abilities, when they imitate various forms from their environment and invent forms from their imagination and trying to embody them

Feeling content when they saw their final product and acquired the medals was also the very effective

It’s worth mentioning that these activities are founded by Drosos Foundation Which  was established in late 2003 as a private not for profit organization dedicated to supporting community development, based in Zurich, Switzerland. The foundation is committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity. Drosos seeks long-term impact through its supported projects in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Switzerland and Germany.

In Egypt, Drosos is operational and active since 2007. The foundation actively supports the following thematic areas: income generation, harm reduction for at risk groups, social protection and reintegration, promoting creative activities for young people, as well as environmental protection.

To date, the foundation has supported 54 projects in Egypt, serving a wide range of beneficiaries including marginalized youth, women and children.

Drosos Foundation is ideologically, politically and religiously independent.

For more information:


Cairo Office: 26, Orabi Street, Apt. 41
Maadi, 11431 Cairo-Egypt

Phone +20 (2) 23 59 78 17
Fax +20 (2) 23 59 78 19

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