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Life Foundation Untitled-1-5 "Small projects owners move forward" Training course – Fourth Group – ElSharqia Branch

“Small projects owners move forward” Training course – Fourth Group – ElSharqia Branch

Within the framework of the Project “Towards rehabilitation and community integration of prisoners with a focus on women prisoners” which is funded by Drosos Foundation; and within the role of Life Foundation for Development and Community Integration in economic empowerment for its cases.

In this regard, Life Foundation held its fourth training course entitled “Small projects owners move forward” to rehabilitate its Cases to be able set up a successful small business.


This training course held during the period from 22 January to 24 January 2019

Training course conducted by:

Certified International Trainers

Mrs. Shimaa Abdullah Hassan.

Mrs. Kholoud Mohammed Abdullah.


Mr. Atef Hafez – Training Advisor and Ms. Hala Fouad Social worker of Life Foundation supervised the training.

The First Day included:

Introduction through names game and sequential drawing competition

Promote Gender Equality

How to set up specific goals and Project’s goals

The Second Day included:

Importance of factors surrounding women that affecting on their projects.

Criteria for assess and select the ideas of projects.


The Third Day included:

Production Cycle Exercise: productive and service projects.

Scamper model and its impact on women’s Projects.

Working Executive Plan


To Read Training Agenda Click Here

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